First physical meeting of AGORA took place on January 12, 2024, and was hosted in Nicosia, Cyprus, by the University of Nicosia. The project partners had the opportunity to present their progress, coordinate their actions and make plans for the upcoming openings of the Doctoral Candidate positions. AGORA will support 17 DCs in total on a multitude of topics on Metaverses focusing mainly on their technological, societal, and business values.

The project’s goal is to develop the critical research and talent base that current Metaverses challenges require, through a robust training program that will engage DCs into the fundamental shifts that the Metaverse brings and prepare them for opportunities while instilling them with the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

AGORA’s approach is to train the Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) not only to understand Metaverse’s infrastructure but also to understand and oscillate between the different levels of Metaverse’s business and societal value, paving in this way a more integrated understanding of this disruptive ecosystem. Combining theoretical and hands-on industrial research and transferable skills training will enable researchers to target high-quality publication outlets and to become creative and autonomous so that they can exploit and commercialize research results and become competitive in the global arena.